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Our School

DWSA Mission


The Denzel Washington School of the Arts creates a focused and high performing culture that prepares students for success in college and conservatories and enhances passion for the arts through a rigorous college prep curriculum and a sequence program in the performing and visual arts.
About Us

The Denzel Washington School of the Arts prepares our students for a career in the arts as practicing artists including: actors, vocalists, musicians, dancers, and visual artists.   We also train designers, technicians, curators, administrators, historians, patrons and other contributors to the arts and creative community.  With an emphasis on excellence in the arts and academics, we implement rigorous standards to ensure the most qualified and talented students are participating in the school. Our staff consists of academic and professionals in the art who are also certified performing and visual arts teachers. We are determined to see your child succeed. As our process is a collaborative one requiring the input of students, teachers, and parents, we provide every opportunity for a long-term and stellar outcome.